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Kindles is Vegan AND Gluten-Free Friendly!

Here are some customer favorites, but extra instructions to make sure you're Getting the best Vegan and Gluten-Free experience are below!
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Regular french fries
  • Toasty Garlic bread
  • Tuscan bruschetta
  • Vegan cheesy garlic bread
  • Vegan delight pizza #27
  • Roasted Garden # 15 modified with no cheese or vegan cheese added
  • # 11 tomato basil pizza modified
  • Gluten-free marshmallow treat
  • Gluten-free, dairy free chocolate chip brownie
  • Dairy free & gluten-free Soft~serve frozen~yogurt (seasonal) chocolate, real vanilla or twist!
  • Downeast Apple unfiltered cider, 5% ABV-gluten free
  • #25 Down Under is Gluten-free

  • Over the years we have created thousands upon thousands of special pizzas for special tastes and dietary requirements... we hope this page helps you in making your selection today!

    It’s the Kindles way...

    It’s your way!

    Extra Instructions

    You can modify all salad items to remove the cheese or croutons!

    Create your own pizza with our many options to choose from!

    To make any pizza item gluten free...Select under the CRUST-section And ADD gluten-free crust preference...

    Gluten free Dietary choice stone cooked or gluten free celiac pan cooked.

    We review every order ticket very carefully when your order comes in.

    For example:

    If you accidentally select a pizza choice that has meatballs AND you click gluten-free pan celiac We will switch the meatball out for sausage as a courtesy switch... please utilize the typing notes to accommodate this. This is very helpful. If it is unclear to us how to make your order safely, we will reach out to you and call you for safety clarification. If we cannot reach you by phone I will use my industry experience and make your item safely.

    #23 aloha mahalo contains teriyaki glaze which contains gluten so that will be omitted automatically, if you select the gluten-free pan celiac If you select gluten free dietary choice stone cooked, we will add teriyaki as an ingredient.

    The breading for chicken Parmesan and mango en Fuego pizzas are dairy free but not gluten-free.

    All of our dressings are gluten-free.

    Our wing sauces are gluten-free except for teriyaki glaze.

    Our wing sauces are dairy free except for garlic Parmesan.

    Please Utilize the special request and substitutions box, to create your custom selection!

    Pasta plates and toasty subs category should be avoided.